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The professional journal “SPIELZEUG international” (TOYS international) comprises many editorial articles on 16 pages about the special theme “construction toys” in its issue of May 2018. The COMO® products of the company Spartas UG are presented on page 49 of this issue.

“SPARTAS – at most creative”

This is the translation of the article:

The start up Spartas from Munich presents its new “Como bricks” on kick starter. The bricks are compatible with the blocks of the big format of a known manufacturer. There are advanced possibilities for building thanks to special bricks as the brick of ideas and the connection bricks. Children can create movable models using “Como bricks“. Furthermore, it is possible to build in six directions.

The “Como KiGa Set” gives scope for building of movable models – for children as well as for educators

Como bricks” are appropriate for free, creative building because you can built – without the limitation of many known construction set systems – into all directions. Thus, children are able to create creative according to their own imaginations.

Note: The project is live on kick starter until May 29th, 2018.

Experience an all new way to create by checking out COMO® on and choosing the exclusive movable or Christmas tree package for your child: 

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