COMO giraffe on safari

COMO® beweglich bauen
COMO® build movable

Hi dear COMO® fans, today let’s deal with the  COMO giraffe. It is the first giraffe build of toy bricks that is movable. This giraffe in the big brick format is especially joyful for children in the age from 2 to 4 years. Older children may build giraffes using COMO®+ plates with studs and bricks of the small format, e.g. using Q-Bricks®.

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What do we need?

Do you and your children also love to admire the giraffes with their long necks and their long legs in the zoo? It’s always amazing to watch them eating from the top leaves of a tree, isn’t it?

Now you can bring our giraffe to life in your children’s room. That’s the beginning of your zoo. You need 20 yellow and 8 brown or red bricks of the big format with two by four studs. We always take Buggi® bricks, but it should work well with many more brands, too. Furthermore, you need 8 COMO® plates with holes.

Here is our “list of parts” in short:

  • 20 yellow bricks with two by four studs,
  • 8 brown bricks with two by four studs, and
  • 8 COMO® plates with holes

How do I build a movable COMO Giraffe?

By the way. Do you like to eat sandwiches with your children. If yes, then you have probably prepared them with your children. So our children can easily use this technique for building our DUPLO giraffe.

The first layer

First, we put the first layer of bricks so that we can already guess where the head, the neck, the body and the long legs will be.

Aufbau COMO Giraffe erste Schicht, Bausteine mit Noppen nach oben
lay the first layer of bricks with the studs showing upwards

The second layer comes here

Second you “put the butter or the mayonnaise on your bread”, i.e. you put the COMO® plates on the bricks so that you connect the single bricks with each other. You can see what to do exactly in picture No 2.

Aufbau COMO Giraffe zweite Schicht aus COMO Löcherplättchen
the second layer comprises COMO® plates with holes

And layer number three …

Third we “put the salami or cheese on our bread.” Put again a layer of bricks on the plates, but this time the studs have to show to the plates. Where you want the giraffe to have brown flecks, you use a brown or red brick.

Aufbau COMO Giraffe dritte Schicht aus Bausteinen mit den Noppen nach unten zeigend
take again bricks for the third layer – this time with studs showing downwards

The fourth and last layer

Our giraffe’s body can’t be as thin as its legs. So build on another layer of bricks on each side of the belly. And there is your giraffe.

Aufbau COMO Giraffe vierte Schicht wieder Bausteine mit den Noppen nach unten zeigend
the fourth layer of bricks makes the bellow of the giraffe thick

Ideas for playing with the COMO giraffe

Now you can move almost every part of the giraffe, the neck, the legs and even the tail. Perhaps you can build another giraffe. Life is much more fun if you have a friend. Let them trot across your children’s room’s savanna. I am sure you can easily build a tree where your giraffes can eat the leaves from. Here your giraffes can crane their necks upwards.

Foto der wirklich sehr schönen COMO Giraffe
the COMO giraffe in its full glory

When they have eaten enough, they can sit down and relax on their hind legs or take a short nap. One of your giraffes is perhaps a talented giraffe which lives in a circus. It is able to put its forelegs on a stool or it can catch rings with its long neck. What kind of tricks can your giraffe show us?

Further ideas for playing

Sure that you can create many more animals with the bricks form your box. What about bringing a butterfly to life which then will fly on the giraffe’s nose? – Atishoo! You can also find elephants in the savanna.

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Our last hint for you:

You can admire a three dimensional model of the COMO giraffe following this link in case that you need more information for building:

CAD Modell der COMO Giraffe auf sketchfab
touch on this picture – on the next page there you can rotate the shown giraffe into any position using your finger

We recommend you to buy the “COMO® Set movable models” if you like to build the COMO® giraffe. This set is available here:

COMO Online Shop. Klickt auf dieses Bild, um zum COMO® Shop zu gelangen
click on this picture to buy in the COMO shop
COMO Amazon-Logo. klickt auf das Bild, um zu Amazon zu gelangen
click or touch on this picture and go to Amazon

Buy colorful BUGGI® bricks in many colors and for a good price at our partner Buggi Toys:

BUGGI Online Shop
let’s go to BUGGI®

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