Kick starter and COMO® and the crowd of children

Munich, April 16th, 2018. Your dad or grandpa may tell you what a kick starter is at a motor bike … On the internet such a kick starter device is also available for small companies that start to sell their products – as we are doing now with the COMO® and COMO®+ products.

Within a group we have much more fun

However, the kick starter on the internet does much more. You all know a school of fish or a swarm of birds. People also like to make swarms which are better known as groups. Somehow many things are easier to do in groups and then we have much more fun. Our kick starter on the internet will start for the same reason only then when a crowd of about 500 children wants to have the movable COMO® set or the COMO® Christmas tree. Only then the fun to be one of the first is on its peak and there are enough children from many countries that can exchange their ideas for building with other children.

How you get to kick starter

It is as easy as that:

Klick or touch here.

Then search for “DUPLO Format” and select a backer packet. Register and that’s all.

Picture: COMO is going to kick starter
COMO is going to kick starter

The packets (pledges) on kick starter

The packet “COMO® movable set” for EUR 50 comprises among other things 20 of the new COMO® plates with holes. With these new plates you may build simple movable figures freely according to your fantasy for the first time. Start with a horse, a lobster or a swan.

The supporter package “COMO® Christmas tree big” for 60 EUR comprises the big Christmas tree of a height of about 40 cm. Furthermore, 4 of the new COMO® bricks of ideas are comprised within this set. You may build on onto 6 sides. This is three times more compared to the known bricks. Your fantasy will be happy and your spatial thinking will also grow very fast.

Smaller pledges of EUR 10 or EUR 15 are also possible. Every pledge will be a big support for the development of further COMO® products.

Thank you for your commitment. Frank

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